Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trip to lake navaisha and Mukuru

sorry for not blogging yesterday, it was a late night by the time we got back. yesterday was a national holiday here in Kenya (madaraka day). Since many of the schools and other places were closed, we took a trip to lake navaisha. We had a fun drive down through the Great Rift Valley. The views were amazing!! We took 4 boats around the lake and stopped at crescent island for a lunch break. We also took a 3 hour walking safari of the wildlife on the island.

We stopped at a lookout of the Great Rift Valley to take pictures and do some more shopping. We then headed back to the resort we are staying at, ate a quick dinner, and headed off to bed. The plan is to be up early!

Today we headed into the slums of Mukuru. Most of the group worked on distributing water purifiers to some of the residents. They also did some red elephant project supplies and played in the courtyard with the kids. 4 of us worked on home visits. It is quite amazing how, compared to our US standards, poor the conditions are. We visited with a patient who suffered burns a few years ago. Some of the burns were still not healed. We delivered some medication and dressing supplies for her. There was also another patient who had heartburn. A few days of medication, and she should be feeling better. This patient was also looking for insulin for her 14 year old son. It cost 1400 Kesh ($14.00 usd) per month for insulin. She is unemployed and also pays rent. One other patient we had the opportunity to see was very Ill. He will be sent to the hospital in Nairobi.

We are packing tonight as we will be departing in the morning for our safari. Hopefully we can ind some internet on the safari to post some pictures.There are several people who are still looking to do some shopping... if they have room to bring stuff home!

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