Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trip to Kibera

Today is Monday, the 30th. We were up early to make the 2 hour trek to the Kibera slums to deliver medications to children, their teachers, and parents. The team hauled several bags through narrow paths and alleys to get to the school. The children were smiling ear to ear when we arrived. Ages varied from 3-months old to  15-years old. We were able to set up a pharmacy and see over 200 children. We de-wormed several children and treated for upper respiratory infections. Interestingly, it is quite dusty and dirty where the children live and sleep.

There was trash and sewage with no electricity or running water. Goats, chickens, and pregnant dogs lined the alleys. We were able to bring in shoes and school supplies. We also had a big bag of special toys for the kids. One boy ran over to give a thumbs up with his new glitter sunglasses and Thomas the Train shoes. The kids  are especially happy here, they are so excited for one piece of candy they can hardly stand still.

The children memorized and performed a speech dedicated to Hope Without Borders, promising to succeed whenever given a chance. Some of the children had severe cases of tinea or fungus on their heads. We were able to give them medications to help them heal.

We returned to Lukenya eager to shower from the dirt baked on our faces. We were all eager during our dinner because it was Lance's 60th birthday. Julie had a beautiful party tent set up with an African band and cake. It was so touching to here the men speak about Lance and tell the stories of how they met him. It was evident on their faces and in their words that Lance's big heart and desire to help other people has touched people in every part of the world. We had trouble connecting to the internet with the computer so we will get this posted as early as possible. We are missing everybody back home but really enjoying these priceless moments.

Crystal VanDaalwyk

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